Young, Fit & Dying:The Truth About Running

Director: Michael Dorgan

Producer: Michael Dorgan & Felicity Mungovan

Duration: 60 minutes

Synopsis: Presenter Michael Dorgan, a recreational runner and filmmaker, is concerned that every month a marathon runner dies, average age just 33. He questions whether these deaths were preventable.

He investigates the deaths and sets out to find if he is putting his own health at risk by being fit. He does so by running 8 marathons in 8 days - from London to Brussels.

Top sports scientists reveal the true impact of exercise on our body and mind, using Michael’s body as a guinea pig in his personal quest to try and run over 200 miles in just over a week.

TV Broadcasts: NPO (the Netherlands), NRK (Norway), DR (Denmark), YLE (Finland), ORF (Austria), ETV (Estonia), yesDocu (Israel), IRIB (Iran)